Custom Skin Care Questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire below to submit a request for your own personalized body butter. Your custom product will be created by our expert formulators to match the unique requirements needed. You will receive an email with the approval promptly, and the skin care product will be formulated within 48 hours. Orders are formulated on a first come first serve basis. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

1.)Is this cream for a newborn, young child, or an adult with very sensitive skin?*

2.)How would you classify the condition of your skin?*

3.)How often to do you get skin eruptions and/or pimples?*

4.)Do you have fine lines and/or wrinkles on your face and/or body?*

5.)Do you have stretch marks and/or scars on your body?*

6.)How much exposure to sunlight do you expect to have during the use of this cream?*

7.)Do you have itchy, flaky skin and/or dandruff?*

8.)Do you have any known allergies?

9.)Have you been diagnosed with any of the following skin conditions?

10.)Are you currently under care of a dermatologist or doctor for any skin conditions?*

11.)What 100% natural aroma would you like us to give this cream?*

12.)What do you want most from this cream? Select up to two options please.*

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