Ezensa Skin CareOur Inspiration:

Since we are indisputably products of nature, it simply cannot be that we are not exclusively sustainable by nature.

This is the founding principal by which we formulate all of our products and operate our business. To us, this principal is as certain as a mathematical equation. Since there must be a balance in nature, why would nature create a being that it could not sustain? This belief represents an entire lifestyle encompassing our diets, our exercise, our spiritual health, and yes... even our choice of skin care products. This is the niche that we have chosen to perfect in the market. Our inspiration to do so, lies in the detrimental state of the current skin care industry. The vast majority of skin care products are literally polluted with toxic ingredients that are included as preservatives, fillers, emulsifiers or humectants. All of which are inevitably absorbed into our systems through our skin. And the scariest part of all: there is no governing authority that is responsible for monitoring and controlling the ingredients that are included in cosmetic products. Hence, our inspiration to educate and to create a line of supremely natural skin care products.

Our Difference:
Four years of extensive research on the human skin and the vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids of hundreds of natural oils have led us to confidently formulate a line of 100% natural skin care products that actually work. Our biggest hurdle was to overcome the unpleasant feel of certain natural ingredients but to still benefit from their properties. We must have tried over 100 different brands of natural and organic skin care products, all in the name of striking that perfect formulation of ingredients that feels good and does good. For a while there it seemed as though it just had to be one or the other, since we could not get our hands on a single product that was not lacking in one of the two (most were lacking in does good!). After hundreds of failed batches and rejected formulations we are now confident that every one of our products satisfy both ends of the spectrum. And we are still learning...

It is not just our formulations that make us different from the competition but it is also the quality of our ingredients. We go above and beyond to source the most premium natural and organic ingredients. We acquire most of our raw materials directly from their source, therefore we know where they all come from, how they have been processed and what quality of ingredient they actually are. Our shea butter is imported directly from a community in Ghana where the shea is processed with no chemicals or additives whatsoever. Our extra virgin olive oil is imported from the beautiful island of Crete where there are absolutely no pesticides or fertilizers used on the olive tree fields. Our beeswax is purchased directly from various members of the beekeepers association of Ontario, Canada. We put the same level of emphasis on the quality of all the raw ingredients that we require for our products.

Our Promise:
Customer service is our priority. We want to hear from you both before and after you buy our products. Once you buy any of our products we automatically consider you to be part of the “Crate 61 Organics Family”. Your collective opinions will shape the details of our product line and ultimately, the future of our business.

We will always “keep it simple and keep it real”. In a world where mass marketing pollutes our minds with misleading insinuations we feel compelled to extend our knowledge of natural ingredients genuinely. If you have psoriasis our products will not cure you but will help to suppress your symptoms. Psoriasis is a side effect of an internal condition and thus skin care products cannot truly heal it - just conceal its symptoms. If you burn your pale skin in the scorching sun, our products will not prevent severe sunburn. By choosing to live a natural lifestyle we must also choose to use logic.

It takes more than great ingredients to create great skin care products. It takes passion. It takes focus. It takes a commitment to continuous learning. At Crate 61 we are obsessed with perfection. You will feel the difference. That is our promise.

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