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Wholesale Stand Ezensa Skin CareWholesale Policies

Please note that our products are offered at wholesale cost to retailers with a valid sales permit ID for the purpose of resale only. We have certain criteria that must be met in order to open a wholesale account:
  • You must complete a wholesale account application, providing your EIN, and Sales & Use Tax ID
    (for US businesses) or your Business Number and HST number (for Canadian businesses) or your VAT number (for EU businesses, or the applicable registration numbers provided by your country.
  • While there are currently no MOQs, products must be bought by the case. Different product categories have different case counts.
  • Your store must meet the standards of the Crate 61 Organics brand and not dilute the image we promise to uphold for our wholesale family.
Accounts will be reviewed annually. We reserves the right to cancel an account if Crate 61 Organics goods are not being well maintained, stocked in suitable temperatures, displayed well, kept in good hygiene (sample/tester products replaced as needed) or if the account changes ownership. Duplication or adulteration of products or packaging or falsely representing products as your own is strictly prohibited. Crate 61 Organics Inc. does not allow our products to be sold on any type of auction site. We reserve the right to limit or discontinue the selling of our products to parties with sales and distribution strategies not compatible to those of Crate 61 Organics.

Product Minimums:
Crate 61 Organics currently does not require a minimum order. Should one be created, all buyers would be given substantial notice of no less than 60 days. Products must be bought by the case. For bulk discounts, please contact us directly at wholesale@crate61.com

Order Fulfillment: Fulfillment can take up to 4-6 weeks depending upon stock levels, and therefore all wholesale clients are asked to plan accordingly. If all products in your order are in stock and ready, you should receive your order within 5-14 business days unless expedited shipping is selected. Back-ordered items can take up to 8-10 weeks to arrive. Please specify if you would like items to be sent as they are ready or held until the order is able to be shipped in full. Additional shipping fees may apply.

Shipping & Handling: The shipping charges quoted in your order are based on the total weight of the products chosen via Canada Post or UPS. All orders will have Delivery Confirmation added. Orders shipped via Canada Post will require mandatory insurance based on the wholesale value of the order. UPS Ground Service shipments valued in excess of $100 will require additional mandatory insurance up to the wholesale value of the order. If you would like expedited shipping, please notify us when you place your order. If you would like us to use your shipping account, please include all necessary acct info on the shipping page. Our orders are fulfilled on an automated system and therefore we are unable to edit them once they have been placed, so please be sure to review your shipping selection before placing your order. Insurance is required on all international orders (when available). If your particular country does not enable the purchase of insurance on your package,
Crate 61 Organics will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. Crate 61 Organics reserves the right to refuse any order felt to be fraudulent.

Wholesale Payments: Orders must be paid for in full in prior to shipment. At this time, we do not offer Net 30. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, checks (with a 4 day hold for processing), cashier’s checks, money orders and wire transfers. Returned checks due to insufficient funds will be charged a $25 fee. Credit Card charges will appear on your statement as
Crate 61 Organics Inc. International orders (USA excluded) must be paid by wire transfer and must arrive in Canadian Currency. Any fees associated with the money transfer must be covered in the amount sent. If you are an international client and need to speak with us about other options, please contact wholesale@crate61.com.

Wholesale Returns & Restocking Fees: We stand behind our products and want to maintain a great relationship with our retailers. All retail orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Items must be in resalable condition. Simply return the merchandise with the original invoice and a note stating your reason for return and we’ll gladly refund your purchase price. Shipping & handling charges are not refundable, and a 15% re-stocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

Lost, Incorrect or Damaged Goods: If your merchandise is damaged or incorrect upon arrival, save all contents and packing materials and contact us within 3 business days after its arrival. Shipments that arrive in damaged condition will be replaced only after the damaged merchandise has been returned to
Crate 61 Organics within 10 days of receipt for inspection. Shipments that have been determined to be lost, after thoroughly researching the package through Delivery Confirmation tracking, will be replaced. For both circumstances, a monetary refund will not be given.

Canceling/Changing Your Order: Due to our efficient fulfillment, we move pretty quickly, so we cannot guarantee that your order can be cancelled or altered after it has been placed. You may contact us as soon as possible to see if your order has already started to be processed. In the event that it has not, we will be more than happy to make changes to it within 24 hours.

Promo Codes: All discounts must be applied when you place your order. Once the order is placed, we cannot offer a refund. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about promotions and receive special discounts.

Privacy Policy: We hate spam as much as you do, and will never share your information with anyone. It is for our eyes only. Subscription to our newsletter is not automatic and must be registered for by you. The only automatic subscription is for our re-sellers who will be added to a re-seller list to be notified of any important changes in policies, line sheets updates, and things of similar important nature that directly affect your account and sales. Sensitive information entered online is encrypted and transmitted using Secure Socket Layers. Our site carries a Premium SSL Secure Site seal and we take every opportunity to add additional security features.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP): The MAP policy applies to all
Crate 61 Organics products. Our minimum advertised price for Crate 61 Organics products is 85% of the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), which is a 15% discount off of SRP. Resellers may offer products on promotion at a lower advertised discount only with written permission from Crate 61 Organics Inc. The MAP policy may be adjusted by Crate 61 Organics at its sole discretion. The MAP policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual customer within the re-seller’s retail location or over the phone. Crate 61 Organics re-sellers are free to sell MAP products at any price they choose. This MAP policy does not in any way limit the ability of any dealer to advertise generic phrases such as that they “have the lowest prices” or “will meet or beat any competitor’s prices,” or similar phrases so long as the price advertised or listed is not below the MAP. To protect our re-sellers from unfair competition and to maintain the brand’s image, Crate 61 Organics will regularly review all re-seller commerce sites and conduct web searches to ensure consistent adherence to this policy. In cases of violation of this MAP policy, re-sellers will be allowed 24 hours to bring all advertising into compliance. Warnings and written notices will not be provided. Failure to comply immediately will result in discontinued shipments and possible account termination. Crate 61 Organics reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of Crate 61 Organics.

Territory Limitations: The sale or distribution of
Crate 61 Organics products outside Canada and the USA or to a third party other than an end consumer is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by Crate 61 Organics. Crate 61 Organics reserves the right to cancel or limit the sale of its products to parties whose sales and distribution strategies are incompatible with those of Crate 61 Organics.

Internet Retailer Requirements: Resellers must have privacy and customer service policies, as well as overall business ethics that are compatible with those of
Crate 61 Organics. It is crucial that the Crate 61 Organics family remain a reputable and trusted brand. All internet re-sellers must have a web address of their own to sell Crate 61 Organics products. You may not use a sub-directory of another company’s URL, such as an Amazon.com storefront. Additionally, you cannot sell products through any online auction site such as eBay. Crate 61 Organics products should be represented as part of a category of like products, and should make up only a portion of the offerings sold online by the web retailer. Once approved, we will send product photography free of charge for use on your website in order to maintain a consistent presentation of the brand. All Crate 61 Organics material, including text from our website, ads, catalog, and other written documentation, may be used only with the express written consent of Crate 61 Organics Inc. The presentation of the Crate 61 Organics line on your site must clearly differentiate from Crate 61 Organics company websites and must not confuse a “reasonable consumer”. Crate 61 Organics will review your website prior to setting up an account and reserves the right to refuse sales at its discretion. Crate 61 Organics will also review your site periodically to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy.

By placing a wholesale order, you are stating that you understand and adhere to all policies set forth by Crate 61 Organics Inc.
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