Grapefruit Body Butter

 5 STARS all aroundDecember 29, 2012
Reviewer: Melinda G. from Toronto, ON Canada 
I am yoga instructor who also practices aroma therapy for years. So many products say that they use essential oils to achieve their fragrance but their smell is not natural. This body butter smells authentic. It does just what its label reads: invigorates and stimulates your senses! I cannot get enough of this

Cocoa Shea Body Butter

 I'm completely addictedDecember 30, 2012
ReviewerAnonymous Person from North York, ON 
To be quite frank, when I first read the list of ingredients on this cream I thought it would be too oily. Truthfully it was the packaging that sold me, I think...
And I'll even say that when I first applied the cream on my hands it did feel oily. However, without exaggerating one bit, I can say that the initial oily feeling quickly dissipates as it absorbs write into my skin! I am very comforted by the fact that all these organic oils are penetrating my skin - and I truthfully cannot recall the last time that my skin was this soft in the winter! For that I thank everyone at Ezensa! As I said, I'm completely addicted now!

 Outstanding product that did exactly what it saidDecember 21, 2012
Reviewer: from Toronto , Canada 
For years  I have suffered from a dry itchy back  in the winter months to the point of sleep disruption.  I  tried product upon product to find some degree of comfort. Finally after three years I came across cocoa  Shea body butter, the product worked immediately bring my itching attacks to a stop. In fact, I also use it on my three year old daughter as part of her nighttime routine. Thank you so much ezensa skin care you have brought  comfort back to my life.

From our Facebook page:
I got my Ezensa Body Butter (Cocoa and Shea) in the mail today. For all of you who know me..I do not put just anything on my skin! If you can't eat it, I won't wear it! I must say..I did not expect to fall so totally in LOVE!! My legs feel so velvety smooth..Non oily, non greasy, just perfect!! It gives you a beautiful glow, not the oily type of shine, and It smells soooo good ..You will want to eat it! Its the most perfect thing I've ever put on my body! I can't wait to try all the rest of the products!

Peppermint Body Butter

 Good Product. Great Value!December 30, 2012
ReviewerAnonymous Person from Richmond Hill, ON 
I will admit, I am a friend of the owner of Ezensa Skin Care. I had a crack at some of these products way before all of the beautiful packaging and success. I'll say one thing and that is I've been hooked on the peppermint body butter since the first time I tried it. And I use nothing but the Ezensa Baby Balm on my 4 month old. I'm happy and proud to have been a part of the start-up process!

 Perfect! Absolutely love it!December 27, 2012
Reviewer: SJ from Etobicoke, ON Canada 
What originally sold me was the smell! The smell of peppermint has a way of making me feel alive and healthy (if that makes any sense)...
But now I'm sold on much more than the smell! I use this product religiously! The cracks on my heels are DRASTICALLY better and my skin in general is so much smoother! I even use this body butter on my face because it's actually not oily at all!
I just love it! Will be buying more very very soon! I have other people hooked too!

Lavender Body Butter

From our Facebook page:
Thank you 
Ezensa Skin Care for letting me try your product! I used it last night for the first time and love that it smells great and is nourishing for my skin without the harmful chemicals that products have now a days. I even put it in my hair as a serum on my wet hair! Safe products can be used in more than one way!

Vanilla Orange Body Butter

No Reviews Yet

Baby Balm

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Shield & Restore Body Balm 

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All of the testimonials below are from real people who purchased our "Olive Butter" cream & lip balm before we had launched the full line of Ezensa Skin Care products. "Olive Butter" is no longer in use by that name but our current Baby Balm is a new and improved version of it. We look forward to populating this list with testimonials about our new products!


My fiancé and I picked up two Olive Butter moisturizers from your booth at the CNE last month. I feel compelled to send you our feedback because the results we have experienced are absolutely fantastic.
My fiancé often burns her hands/arms while baking in the oven and those burns always leave nasty burn marks and even scars on her skin. We bought your Olive Butter with the primary intention of using it on my fiancé’s most recent burn – which was pretty bad. It has only been a little over a month and not only is the burn mark gone, but there is barely even a scar on her hand! This is a fantastic cream and I know for sure we’ll be buying more and telling our family and friends about it! Thank you!
                                                                                                   V.B, Toronto ON Canada


Hey there! Used your cream on a recent cigarette burn I had in between my fingers and I have to say it healed up pretty darn quick! Cool product.
                                                                                                   M.S, Whitby ON Canada


My name is J____, G________. I purchased the Olive Butter cream from your kiosk in the mall about 2 months ago. While on vacation with my kids my son got a bad burn on his fingers from playing with a lighter with his friends (Pyromaniac). His skin bubbled up and it looked horrible. I kept applying your cream on the burn because I remembered you had told me that the propolis in the cream helps to repair damaged skin and it SURE DID! His burn is now barely even a scar. I am so happy I bought your product. Why isn’t this product in Shopper’s?!

 J.G, Calgary AB Canada



Just wanted to say that I used your lip balm on my lips after coming back from the Dominican and I have never witnessed a faster healing process on my chapped lips! I applied it 2-3 times in the day for two days and when I woke up the following morning I was literally able to peel off the chapped skin! How can I order more?!

       M.P, Unknown, Canada


I’ve been using beeswax based lip gloss for as long as I can remember but no other brand has felt as good as your stuff. Thanks!
                                                                                               O.S, Toronto ON, Canada



My sister has had cracked skin on her palms for years because she is a chef and constantly has her hands in water. She’s been using the cream I bought from you and has noticed drastic improvements in her condition.  She even uses it while preparing foods because she figures “how can you go wrong when the ingredients of this cream are technically both edible and completely organic? Is it safe to be doing that? Anyway, I need more cream for myself because she’s taken mine. Will you be at the anti-aging show in Mississauga? If not, then I need to order some more asap. Thanks!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            B.M, Etobicoke ON, Canada



Hi there! My dermatologist diagnosed me with eczema this summer and ever since I’ve been so annoyed at the fact that I have it because I’m a very healthy person. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your cream is looking as though it might be curing my condition!!!!! It’s not completely gone yet but I really hope it does go away for GOOD! Do you think that it could completely cure my eczema if I keep using it? Thanks.

       J.M, Unionville ON, Canada


Why in the world are dermatologists not suggesting this for eczema nationwide? My eczema is practically gone! Check out these before and after images.  It’s so relieving to find an all natural treatment to eczema. I will be promoting this as though it were my full time job!

B.R, Toronto, ON Canada



I come bearing great news for your cream! My grandfather has had dermatitis at the beginning of his hair line over his forehead for a couple of years now. He has literally tried everything to cure it but it was only when he started using your Olive Butter product that he noticed any respectable results! The flakiness is pretty much gone and now it’s just the slight redness left in that area. He wanted me to say thank you to you guys! So THANK YOU!

   H.T, Brampton ON Canada




I’ve had the most embarrassing case of dandruff since I graduated from college and I’ve tried multiple creams on my scalp including shea butter and Burt’s Bees… The shea butter did a pretty good job but just when I stopped applying it for a day or two, the dandruff would come right back. My mom bought this cream from you guys at the EX and I have to say it is pretty awesome! I still find a few flakes here and there when I brush my head vigorously but nothing like the “snowfall” I had before! (Disgusting – I know…) Great stuff! I think my mom will be ordering more tonight. Thanks again.
                                                                                          J.J, Richmond Hill, ON Canada


Dear Olive Butter staff,
My husband has been using the cream on his head (he’s bald and has dandruff) and it has pretty much stopped all the flakiness and his scalp is as soft as a baby’s bottom!! Is that the olive oil that is getting the job done or is it the honeycomb wax?  You should supply this cream to dermatologists – it’s fantastic!

  L.L, Scarborough, ON Canada



I cut myself pretty bad shaving my legs yesterday and out of habit I moisturized my legs with your Olive Butter cream. I don’t know if it was your cream or not but my cut looks as though it has healed much faster than it normally would. Can that be? Also my legs are so soft after applying your cream! I love this product!

  L.I, Pickering, ON Canada


 My daughter fell off her bike and gave herself a bad scratch on her left knee. Of course my first reaction was to disinfect the wound, but from the day after I started applying the Olive Butter in hopes of “treating minor wounds” as it reads on your label and I have to say it closed up the wound and formed a healthy scab within a day! Now the scab is slowly coming off and I’ve been applying the cream on the fresh skin in hopes of no scars remaining on her knees. Will it work?

                                                                                                   S.B, Hamilton, ON Canada



To whom this may concern. I’d like to promote your product to dermatologists. I know that I can surely do a good job in doing so because my dermatologist has recommended multiple skin creams to treat my psoriasis but none have worked as effectively as your Olive Butter. Please let me know who I need to call to discuss this with. Thank you.

   D.D, Toronto, ON Canada


I am a veteran dermatologist and naturopathic doctor . I picked up your Olive Butter cream from a friend in order to treat one of my friends/patients psoriasis condition.
It has only been 2 weeks and I can already see noticeable improvements in his skin. I’d like to carry this product in my practice.

                                                                                                   M.Z, Markham, ON Canada


My psoriasis is almost gone simply by applying Olive Butter 3 times a day. I am absolutely amazed by what this product has done. The power of nature should never be underestimated. Who would have thought that olive oil and honeycomb wax could go such a long way….and I’ve tried so many other creams with unpronounceable ingredients! I recommend this product to everyone alive!

                                                                                             G.T, Belleville, ON Canada



Hey guys! I bought your product at the CNE this year. I just wanted to let you know that my 26 year old son suffers from itchy skin on his calf and his thighs. Oftentimes he can’t even sleep at night because of all the scratching he does. Your product has drastically helped to reduce the itchiness and we are all very pleased. My husband and I also use it for daily moisturizing purposes. How can you go wrong when you go organic right! Thanks guys.

                                                                                                  N.V, Toronto, ON Canada

I’m 67 years old and a dry and itchy scalp kinda comes “standard” with this age. Using your product I’ve almost forgotten about my annoying scalp. It’s still flaky but the itchiness is gone! Great product! You should be very proud.

                                                                                                 A.A, Toronto, ON Canada



I’m not sure if you guys know this or not because I do not recall your sales rep mentioning this to me but your cream actually treats scars! I had a small little scar on my lower neck and after just 3 weeks of applying your cream regularly my scar has shrunk by about a centimeter! Phenomenal product!

                                                                                                 S.C, Scarborough, ON Canada

Bought the Olive Butter at the CNE. My wife had a small scar on her face beside her left eye. The scar is almost unnoticeable now after just a month of using your product. From the looks of it, this container will last for a very long time. Great value too. It’s so refreshing to see something that actually works being priced at fair market value. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

                                                                                                D.P, Barrie, ON Canada



My mom bought your cream this summer and loves it. I read the label and noticed it mentioned treatment of stretch marks. I’m only 16 years old but have very visible stretch marks on my breasts. I am so excited now because my stretch marks are slowly fading away! My mom read about it and said that it is probably the propolis in the cream that is helping my stretch marks. I told my mom to order more because I can’t stop using it now! So expect an order from Mrs. R____________ soon!

                                                                                               J.R, Toronto, ON Canada



Bought this cream at the CNE this year. I went to Cuba for 10 days and got seriously burnt the first 2 days I was there. I thought for sure that the burn would destroy the rest of my vacation. I’ve used aloe-based creams on my burns since forever but this time I also applied the Olive Butter and I was absolutely amazed to see that within 2 days my sunburn had turned into a tan and I was comfortably sitting in the sun again! All I have to say is WOW. And it’s all natural which makes it so much better. How do I get more?

                                                                                               E.P, Toronto, ON Canada


Used your stuff on my sunburned back while in Jamaica with my mom. I’ve never seen a sunburn turn into a tan faster than this. Plus it gives you a feeling of instant relief. I swear by your cream now. All my girlfriends at York are going to love it! Thanks!

M.M, Toronto, ON Canada


You guys should have a huge sign that says “Turns sunburn to tan in a day!” I bought the cream this summer and used it while on vacation. I’m sold. Aloe-vera based creams are a distant memory right now. Your cream is so much better, I absolutely love it!

                                                                                             G.P, Scarborough, ON Canada

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